Haven Book Two

Chapter 07

Friday morning Todd, Adam and David were up and ready to go, way before breakfast. Todd carried his backpack and a tote with the PS2 and adapter and five games. David carried Adam's backpack and Adam carried his new laptop, power supplies (12 volt DC and 120 volt AC) and some DVD's. They deposited the gear by the door and went to see if breakfast was ready yet. It wasn't, but Mrs. Johnson heard them and brought some fresh OJ and some toast and jam to hold them until the rest was ready.


The others slowly made their way to the dining room. Everyone took the opportunity to wish Adam good luck with the eye exam. Before long, Breakfast arrived, stacks of hotcakes, piles of sausage links, and mounds of hash brown potatoes, and of course, scrapple.


Everyone helped load the van and saw the travelers off. They watched and waved until they were out of sight. Neal broke the tension, "Well, I wonder how many new boys Dad will bring back."


Jimmy asked, "Well, how many empty seats were there?"


Everyone laughed, but Jim thought that, maybe he should be sure a couple of the bedrooms were ready.


So the day began and Jim organized the boys for lessons. The Home School was in session. They had a class for grades three to nine. Neal was pleased to see Jason and Sean (the reformed bullies) showed up. He made a point of saying hi to them.


In the van, everyone got settled, and by the time they reached the interstate, the boys were involved in a PS2 game and the adults were chatting and listening to a CD. The miles passed and by lunch, they were certainly ready for a break. They took an exit to a small town and filled up with gas. Tom asked where the best restaurant in town was. The attendant said the best food to be found was at Sadie's just down the street. So off to Sadie's they went. The menu was hand written and there wasn't a huge selection, but everything on it looked delicious. The boys both ordered bacon cheese burgers with fries, coleslaw, and a Coke. Tom ordered a club sandwich with coleslaw, chips and Diet Coke. Leo got a chicken-salad sandwich with fries, green beans and iced tea. The boys were fascinated by the antique gadgets hung on the walls. The meals arrived much faster than Tom expected. Everyone raved about how good it was. Tom left a nice tip for the waitress and put a twenty in the tip jar for the cook.


Leo then drove for the next couple of hours. About three o'clock, Tom told him to take the next exit. There was a nice motel near the exit. Tom ran in and checked them in. He came out to the van, and directed Leo around back. They had connecting rooms. Adam and Todd in one, and Tom and Leo in the other. (Duh!). Once they had carried their bags, backpacks and computer up to the room, Tom called them all together. He handed them each a colorful bundle of cloth. They opened them up, swim suits.


Leo voiced the boys' sentiments, "Tom are you nuts? It's like forty degrees outside!"


"Heh, heh, yeah. But there is a nice heated indoor pool downstairs." Tom said.


"Way kewl! Come on Adam let's go!" Todd said.


"I can't." Adam replied.


Tom replied before Todd could. "I bet you could if the lights were turned down, so you didn't get too much on your skin and not so much glare,"


"I've never been swimming before. You guys go ahead I don't want to spoil the fun." Adam said, glumly.


Todd said, "Adam we can do this the easy way, or the hard way. Easy; you go get in those swim trunks and we go to the pool. Hard; I tickle attack you, Uncle Tom and Daddy Doc strip you and put the trunks on, and we go to the pool."


Adam made the mistake of hesitating and was soon being tickled and stripped and redressed. In less than five minutes the others were changed and they were on the way to the pool. Sure enough, the room lights were dimmed and the window curtains pulled. (Editors comment: Just so you know, we albino's usually don't need the room lights dimmed. Unless you are having those darn mercury vapor lights, but closing the window shades to keep the direct sunlight out does improve comfort levels considerably.) There was no one else in the pool area. Tom took Adam to the shallow end and they entered the water. Todd and Leo made use of the diving board.


Adam was terrified at first. While Neal had rushed into things when he was learning to swim, Adam pulled back, so Tom took things very slowly. As Adam's confidence built, in the waist deep water, Tom had him try to float while he held him up. Eventually Adam was floating all by himself. Adam was lying on his back with his eyes closed. He opened them and noticed Tom standing about three feet away with his hands at his sides. Adam, of course, panicked, and began flailing. Tom stood back and yelled, "Stand up!" On the third shout, Adam did just that. If looks could kill, Tom would be dead.


Tom crossed the distance and hugged Adam, "Take a deep breath. You were doing great until you noticed that I wasn't holding you up any more." Tom said reasonably.


"Yeah, I did fine until you let go." Adam retorted.


Tom grinned, "I hadn't been holding you up that entire last time. You were totally on your own. When you calm down a little, try it again you can do it just fine."


Adam took a deep breath and leaned back, until he was floating, He took a couple of breaths and tried the strokes Tom had taught him. He was swimming! Adam stood up and yelled, "I did it! I was swimming!"


Todd came over and said, "That is really great, Adam, but there are other skills you need."


"Oh sure I'm just startin' I have a lot to learn." Adam said.


"No, not about swimming, about pool survival. Hold your hand like this then do this." Todd made a shooting splash aimed right at Daddy Doc.


Leo wiped his face and promptly retaliated. Adam tried and although he missed, the battle was on, the adults took it easy on Adam but Todd got exactly what he deserved." Eventually they called a truce and the boys played in the shallow end and eventually Adam even tried the slide. Although they all were doing pretty good prune impersonations, they were reluctant to leave the pool.


They had dinner in the motel restaurant and retired to their rooms. Adam hooked up his computer and turned it on.


'Hello, Adam, I've missed you today.'


"Philip! I didn't expect to see you here. There is no Internet hookup. How'd you do it?"


'Satellite, I had a satellite receiver built in. You are in touch almost anywhere even in the hideout cave since they installed the satellite antenna there.'


Todd said, "That's, like real kewl. Adam you are one lucky dog to have this dude."


'Do not worry Todd. Yours is being assembled as we speak, and will be shipped as soon as it is completed. I am ordering one for each of you boys. They may not have the same features. Yours, for example, will have advanced graphics loaded, so you can do more painting and design. I think you will be impressed with some things I am installing for you. Hopefully it will be waiting when you arrive home. You might want to mention to Tom, ah, Mr. Richards, that they will most likely be there when you get home.'


Adam asked, "Will everyone be able to talk with you like this?"


'No, for most of them, at least at first, I will simply be a learning program, like I am doing for the twin lads. They are really progressing quite nicely, but that is another story that we will get into a bit later, perhaps.'


The boys let Philip read the second chapter of 'Dragon Earl' to them.


By nine o'clock everyone was ready to turn in for the night. At the door between the rooms Tom told the boys to knock and wait for an answer before opening it, he assured them he would do the same. Adam and Todd turned complimentary shades of red, and managed a weak thanks. Tom closed the door before chuckling and going to Leo who was waiting for him in bed.


The next morning at breakfast Adam asked if they had time to go swim again before leaving. Tom agreed since they didn't have a strict schedule. An hour in the water was great. Adam was building confidence in doing things he never thought he would be able to do.


Once back on the road Adam got his computer out and asked 'Philip' if he could access movies. Soon he and Todd were watching the latest blood and guts action movie. It hadn't been released on DVD, but the boys weren't about to question just where 'Philip' was getting it.


The place they found for lunch wasn't nearly as good as the one they found yesterday, but the food was edible if a bit overcooked. Leo had driven during the morning so Tom drove after lunch. They arrived at the hotel about five thirty. They got everything carried into the suite that Tom had booked. Then they went back to the Lobby. They asked the clerk where there was a good restaurant. Soon they were back in the van.


The little place they went to, claimed to be a Steak and Seafood Restaurant. Since neither boy had ever had any seafood except for 'School Cafeteria' fish sticks, they didn't have a clue about any of that, the other items weren't much better Fillet Mignon, Prime Rib, Porterhouse. They asked what they should order. Tom and Leo considered the options. They ordered one of the boys a 'Fisherman's Platter' and the other Prime Rib, Medium Rare, both with salad and fries. Leo ordered Crab Cakes, and Tom had Fried Rockfish, that was the special.


The boys enjoyed sharing both meals and decided this seafood stuff was really good. They all claimed to be too full for dessert. Tom had to promise the boys they would come back.


Back at the hotel, Adam wanted to know about the pool. Unfortunately it was an outdoor pool and had been drained for the winter. Up in the suite, the boys were looking over the brochures for the local attractions. They decided they wanted to visit the Portsmouth Children's Museum the next day. (Editor's smart alack observation: When I see a "Children's Museum", I have this picture of exhibits of children, displayed in glass cases. Sorry about that, but it had to be said)


They all watched some TV and there were no complaints when it was bedtime. Adam and Todd got a little more adventurous and Adam experienced his fist ever oral sex and instantly decided he wanted more of that. After he recovered, Todd gave him lessons on giving oral sex.


Sunday there was a nice breakfast bar in the hotel. They enjoyed a lazy morning. They found a little Diner for lunch, and all four of them had the build your own burger with onion rings, the men had iced tea and the boys had real honest to God chocolate milkshakes. Again the boys wanted to come back here. Then they were off to the Children's Museum.


All of them had a great time. Most of the things were interactive. The real highlight was the model train exhibit, actual working layouts with running trains. They all wished they could stay longer. As they were leaving, Tom asked an elderly couple that was there with their grandkids, where they recommended for dinner.


Tom drove, following the directions the couple gave them. He thought for sure he had missed something, but then there was the Marina and Restaurant. The boys had a better idea about seafood, and they both ordered the fisherman's platter, Leo ordered the blackened salmon steak and Tom the fried shrimp. Once again there was no room for desert.


On the way back to the hotel they saw a sign for a movie and decided to see what was playing. Both adults were surprised that the boys didn't want to see the action movie but everyone agreed to a comedy. Somehow they managed to refill the large bucket of popcorn twice.


No one was up late and they were not happy when the alarm sounded loud and clear, in the morning. Tom managed to get them up, showered dressed and to the buffet. Soon it was time to leave for the doctor's appointment. Tom followed the directions to the office. When they entered, the staff greeted them, warmly, and they had all the forms ready to fill out. While Tom worked on those, a technician called them back. She asked if they were using any insurance. Tom told her, no they were paying by check or credit card. She then ran some of the basic eye type tests on Adam. Then they were shown to a long room with an exam chair at the far end. There were several sets of cabinets and drawers and some high tech electronic stuff too.


Tom had just finished the form and given it to the technician when a tall man entered the room. He was wearing a tie, with a big goofy looking reindeer on it. "Hi, I'm Dr. Kelly Deforest. You must be Adam." He shook Adam's hand. Looks like we have quite an audience today. Let me go get a few more chairs..." He popped out and was back pulling two more of those stools with the roller wheels on them.


He set one stool at the far end and said to Todd, "Are you Adam's brother or a friend."


"Uh, friend."


"Correct! You can sit right there, and be my official page turner. Here, this is the chart. When I nod, please turn to the next page."




"By the way, what's you name?"


"Ah, Todd."


Great, Ah, Todd. He crossed the room and handed Adam a wooden cooking spoon. "How about covering up your left eye with that, Adam. Don't take too long my wife needs that back. Okay great, Todd, you're on."


Adam started reading the numbers on the chart. "Wow that was great, now try the other eye. Todd go back about three pages."


When that was done, he took Adam's glasses off and looked at them with an instrument and wrote down some numbers. He noted the tint, cleaned them and gave them back to Adam.


"Okay, now the hard stuff is over and we get to play. Adam have you ever had a Low Vision Exam before?"


"No, sir."


"Well it isn't like any other eye exam you've ever had. We both know your vision really stinks. Our job today is to find what things will help you use the vision you have better. Okay?"




"Good, what is the biggest problem you have?"




"You are correct on that. That is what almost all my albinism patients say. How well do your glasses work with that?"


"Oh, they help a lot."


"Do you still have some glare problem, with the glasses?"


"Yeah, some."


"Okay, we can try something darker..."


"I have clip-ons but I still get some glare."


"How about sunglasses that wrap around," he opened a drawer, pulled a pair of 'sun shields' out and then pulled the light on the stand down to shine at him from the side.


Adam kind of flinched until he put on the sun wear. "Hey, these are Kewl! They really cut down on the glare from the sides."


The doc pulled a new pair out and set them on his desk. "How about seeing far away?"


"What about it? If it's big I can see it. But I have trouble reading signs and recognizing people. I have trouble sometime telling David and Moe, and the Pats apart."


"Okay, take off your glasses and try this on. Its like binoculars on a glasses frame."


Adam put the thing on.


"Okay Todd, Hold up the chart." Dr, Deforest said.


Adam easily read the page. Todd turned to the last page. Adam read the top line easily and struggled through the second line with only one miss.


"Okay, Adam, look at Todd, now take those off,"


"Wow, I thought he had moved closer. These are kewl."


"Yeah, they work for sitting and watching. You can't walk around in them. But for when you are moving around there is a monocular version on a lanyard you can have around your neck. Here try it," Adam took the monocular.


"Hey, I can see the stripes on Todd's shirt. Daddy Doc, you got two pens in your pocket. Dad, I can see you good, too."


"Great, Adam. Try this one. It has more power but a lot smaller field. That means everything is bigger but you see a smaller piece of it. It focuses by turning this," Dr. Deforest showed Adam.


Adam worked with it for a bit then handed it back, "Sorry, Dr. Deforest, I didn't like that one."


"Hey, don't feel bad, I don't expect you to like everything. As a matter of fact I didn't think you would, patients with Nystagmus, swinging eyes, often hate the higher powers." The doctor then handed Adam an index card, "How far down can you read? You can hold the card anywhere you want."


Adam held the card about five inches from his nose, "Game, crane, told, left, dot, bake,...code...both. I can't read the next one."


"Wow, that's really good! Do you have any things that are hard to read?" Dr. Deforest asked.


"Not as long as I can hold them close. Sometimes a big heavy book like the atlas is hard." Adam said.


The doctor opened another cabinet and took out a gray square and slid it open. He then got another card that had a map on it. He handed both to Adam. "Try looking at the map with that lens."


"Hey this is pretty good. I bet I could really use this. Way kewl doc." Adam said.


"There is something I'd like you to try. It is a contact lens that will block out the peripheral light like the iris is supposed to. Your iris doesn't, because it lacks the pigment to do so." Dr. Deforest explained. "Let me have a look at your eye first. This is a microscope to let me see your cornea better. Try to bare with me, I know the light is bright but I'll be as fast as I can."


Adam made a funny little grunt sound as the doctor passed the light over each eye. The Biomicroscope was then swung away and Dr. Deforest grinned at Adam, "You did great. Let's go up to the contact lens room."


They all followed. The doctor stopped the others from following into the room. "Sorry, this is a small room, and patients do better the first time without an audience. If you could wait in the reception area, I'll come get you as soon as we're done."


About fifteen minutes later Adam came out and was looking all around. He didn't have on his glasses and had his eyes open. He went right up to the window and looked out. "Wow, I can really see," he turned to the rest, "I can't describe this, but I can see so much better!"


Everyone came up to him and congratulated him. Dr. Deforest was standing in the doorway grinning. "Dr. Jones and I talked, and I ordered these in his power so he doesn't have to wear glasses too. But sunglasses for outside will still be needed."


Tom looked closely at Adam. "These look just like your eyes. Adam, are they comfortable?"


"Yeah, I don't feel them at all. I can see like I never have. I don't know how to tell you. It's like everything is more defined."


Dr. Deforest said, "That's because you aren't getting light through your iris only through your pupil. That's why they don't make cameras out of wax paper. Come on, Adam, let's go check these out and make sure they are a good fit."


Everyone filed back into the exam room. Todd held up the chart and Adam started reading and he actually got two lines further down the chart.


"I really can see better. This is great. Can I get these Mr. Richards? Please. I'll do whatever you want me to. Plleeeeaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeee."


"Of course you can, as long as the doctor says they are okay." Tom replied.


Dr. Deforest pulled the Biomicroscope back and had Adam take his position. A quick look at each eye. "Those look great. Yes you can have them. Now, Adam, today you can wear those for four hours, take them out and give your eyes a two hour rest and put them back in again if you want. Tomorrow try six hours and add two hours a day until you are up to fourteen hours. Right now they do not make these lenses in the high oxygen materials, so fourteen hours is your maximum."


"Okay, Dr. Deforest, I'll do whatever. Man, these are so kewl."


"Alright, let's all go down the street to Hardee's. I want to see if Adam can use these toys." The Doctor picked up the things Adam had liked and off they went.


Outside, Adam tried several different kinds of sunglasses and liked the amber ones best. Then they all got in the van, the doctor too. "Turn right and the Hardee's is about a block on the right."


Tom said, "We can afford someplace better."


The doctor replied, "But they don't post their menu on the wall behind the counter."


"Oh," Tom replied sheepishly.


They went into the restaurant, the doctor handed Adam the monocular telescope. "Okay Adam, tell us what there is to eat."


Adam focused the scope and, "Jeez, Doc, I can see it from here! Oh, kewl." He proceeded to read off items. Since it was only eleven o'clock the adults got coffee, but Todd and Adam got chocolate 'milk' shakes.


Adam was fascinated with all he could see. "Oh, man, this thing is so kewl. There is a newspaper, can I try that?"


Todd handed him the paper and the doctor handed Adam the magnifiers for reading. He began reading with the magnifiers and was doing quite well. The doctor then said, "Adam, try holding it closer, no don't use the magnifiers."


Adam picked up the paper and held it about ten inches in front of him. "I can read it here. This is cool. They won't let you read like that in school."


"Well then, you just tell them that your eye doctor told you to, and to contact me, if they have any questions." He grinned.


When they were finished, they went back to the office. Dr. Deforest went over the things they had found that were helpful; and how to do some things differently. He then asked if anybody had questions.


No one did. Dr. Deforest then gave each of them his business card. He wrote something on the back of the one he gave to Adam. "This is my private e-mail, I check it pretty often so if you have any problems let me know and I'll help if I can. Now remember, you need to see Dr. Jones in one week to check your lenses."


Tom paid on the way out and Adam was holding his aids in an iron grip. The boys wanted to go back to the diner with the 'killer' shakes so they were off to lunch. Adam had a blast looking at all the stuff on the walls. When they got back to the hotel, Adam took his lenses out. "Oh, man those lenses help so much, I feel like I'm blind again."


Since they had the whole afternoon free, Tom asked the boys what they wanted to do. To his surprise they wanted to just chill in the room and rest up for the trip home the next day. Leo wanted to go to the Mariner's Museum so he and Tom left the boys to rest, and they left.


Once they were alone again Todd asked, "You want to fool around?"


"Oh, God, I thought you'd never ask."


The boys made a bee line to their room, and were soon naked on the bed. When things were finished and they had cleaned each other up, they cuddled and fell asleep. That, of course, was how Tom and Leo found them when they returned.


"You know, Tom, one of us should have a talk to them about safety."


"Well you're the Doctor."


"But you're the Dad."


The men's giggling woke Todd. His shout of "OH SHIT!" in Adam's ear woke him up.


Tom said, "Don't worry guys, we're not upset."


Leo smirked, "Jealous as hell, but not mad."


Tom continued, "You both looked so happy and in love as you hugged and slept. Usually my talk is about, it is perfectly normal for boys your age to experiment, but I think you two are building a true love relationship and I couldn't be happier."


From the laptop on the desk across the room, 'Absolutely!'


All four looked at the computer and said, 'Philip'.


'Of course, who else do you know that lives in a computer?'


"Well boys, get dressed. It is time to get dinner." Tom said as he and Leo left them to dress.


"They didn't seem mad at all," Todd said, as he got up.


'I can guarantee with a 99.99% certainty that they were both very pleased and horny.' 'Philip' said.


"EEEWWWWWWW," the boys responded.


Later that night the boys wondered if the adults were 'doing it' and started for the door. Philip stopped them, "Hold it right there! You two sure wouldn't like anyone spying on you, so you don't go spy on them."


Todd started to argue, and 'Philip' simply started to flash some pictures from earlier, on the screen. 'If you spy, then I will share these, to even the score,'


Needless to say Adam shut down the laptop and covered it with some dirty clothes. A muffled voice from under the pile of clothes, 'that isn't very nice, and just so you know my infrared and x-ray cameras still work just fine.' The boys blushed and said, "Okay, spoil sport, you win. We'll just have our own fun, 'Uncle Philip'." They then went back to bed and relived their fun from the afternoon.


The next morning Tom woke and made a quick trip to the bathroom then returned to bed. He lay there contentedly watching Leo sleep. There was a boyish quality in his sleeping expression. Tom wondered what Leo had been like as a boy. Tom saw little glimpses of the boy in some of the things Leo did and how he could out prank the master. Neal had yet to catch Leo in one of his practical jokes. Tom wondered if he hadn't sat on the toilet if Leo would have gotten the Ben-Gay hot seat. His chuckling woke Leo up. "My, that is a bit disturbing. To wake up and see your lover looking at you and laughing."


This, of course, only made Tom laugh more. Leo got up and stomped into the bathroom. Tom's side was hurting from laughing so hard. Leo returned and glared at Tom. "Mind sharing the joke?"


Tom took a couple deep breaths. "I was just wondering what if Neal had gotten you with the Ben-Gay and not me."


"Who said he didn't?"


"He did? You never let on."


"And let the little weasel know he got me? No way!"


The men laughed, hugged and kissed and eventually got out of bed and showered and dressed. Then they went next door to wake the boys. What the boys had been doing was obvious, and they were now a tangle of arms, legs and callipygians. Tom gave the boys a break by pulling the sheet over them before kissing them on the forehead and waking them up to start the day and the trip home.



End Note:

Look Fritz, no Denny's, Hardee's, but no Denny's. There were two very good reasons, it was close, and had over-the-counter menus. Also I used your favorite word, callipygian. (Go look it up people, it really is a word.)

Radio Rancher's Optometrist friend was extremely helpful, and the Low Vision exam was as close to the real thing as I could make it.

Dr. Kelly Deforest has a brother named Clancy, who works for the National Forestry Service, . . .


Wait for it, . . .


That's right Clancy Deforest, for the trees. {Say It Out Loud 'Marg'}


Anyway Adam has found some real help, and things that will improve his life. I hope they have a safe trip back home.



Editor's Note:

I am so glad we finally have that pun out of the way. I have been waiting for that, ever since we came up with it. I am really pleased with that chapter. It hit quite close to home for me. As you may know by now, I am an Albino. I hopefully was able to pass along some information about blindness and Albinism.


Fort Chief Editor's Notes:

This is another wonderful chapter from the Master of Misdirection. I am really glad to be learning more about Low Vision and Albinism. Learning more about things that affect my friends and Co-Authors is a very good thing. It very cool to see Adam getting some help for his vision problems; and hopefully this will help him get along in school better. I know his brothers will be glad that he is able to see better than he did before. I am curious myself as to whether they will be bringing home any more kids.


Thanks again for another great chapter,