Jared the Paramedic

Chapter 4: Discoveries


In the morning, Jared awoke to find himself alone in bed. He felt his heart filling with lead and becoming heavy within his chest for a second until he realized he smelled something in the air; the scent of cooking food. He sat up and realized the bedroom door had been almost closed. Concentrating, he heard movement in the kitchen and the sounds of someone moving around. The smells were terrific, and he got up to go into the kitchen. Liam turned his head and smiled at Jared while continuing to work on something in the oven.

"Good morning, sleepyhead," he said to Jared with a big smile.

Jared moved into him, sweeping Liam into his arms and holding him tight. "Good morning, Liam. For just a second, I was so scared when I woke up this morning alone…"

"I thought I would make quiche for you and serve it to you in bed," said Liam.

Jared looked into Liam's beautiful crystal blue eyes and now saw them so alive and full of life. Jared kissed him tenderly.

When they broke the kiss, Liam looked into Jared's eyes and saw the concern within in them.

"Jared, I have really come to love you and thank you for caring for me. About last night, I don't know what happened, but this morning feels like I have a new life in front of me. I am no longer carrying the guilt of my parent's death. I understand fully what happened and it was not me who caused it. I am so happy to know that finally. I am also very happy to have someone like you in my life."

Jared looked at Liam and could read the body language being presented. Liam was moving much more fluidly, stronger and full of confidence. His smile and eyes were consistent in their message of truth being spoken.

"Please sit at the counter, Jared. I will get you some coffee and breakfast will be ready in a couple of minutes."

"There is something I really need to do before that, but it will only take a minute." He left the kitchen and almost ran to the bathroom. After satisfying his morning piss need and rinsing his mouth with mouthwash, he returned to the kitchen to find Liam pulling the quiche out of the oven.

"Have you ever had to take a piss so bad that when you do, your vision seems to get brighter after doing it?" asked Jared with a smirk.

Liam looked at him and started laughing. "Maybe," he replied. "Let's eat, Jared. This is the start of another great day, and another day in our relationship to enjoy."

Jared looked at him, and smiled.

After they finished their breakfast they were sitting back and enjoying another cup of coffee. Liam looked at Jared and asked, "What happened last night. I have very clear memories of you putting me to bed and spooning behind me. I remember how I fell apart…"

"After you fell asleep, I left the bed and went to pray for you with the smudging smoke. I prayed for the Creator to heal you. I couldn't do it because I felt it would compromise my commitment to the Creator that I never use my gift for personal gain," Jared replied.

"Jared, I may have had a vision or one hell of a dream last night while I slept," explained Liam. "What came to me was being on the rocky shore of a river, standing there with a buffalo. A big black bear came onto the shore and sat next to the buffalo, then he just sat there looking at me. We stared at each for a few minutes when the buffalo let out the loudest sound I have ever heard that I can only describe as a moo. I felt my heart lighten when he let the sound out. I also saw a black shadow leave my body and sink into the ground in front of me. After the black shadow was gone, the buffalo stopped making the sound. He looked at me and actually spoke to me. He said, 'The eagle and the bear must be together, for their separate paths are now one.' In the background was an old man dressed in leather clothing and furs. He was wearing a robe of furs over his head which extended down to his feet. The furs he was wearing seemed to be part of a headdress too. His headdress had a similar look to the buffalo but much smaller. The old man had beautiful blue eyes and a beard which must have extended to the middle of his chest. He had a bag made of fur with a strap over one shoulder. In his other hand, he had a stick, like a walking stick but it was tall and had a crescent shape on top made of wood, like a quarter moon. He stepped forward and bowed to the buffalo before approaching me. He slowly lowered his stick down until it tapped me on the shoulder. When it did, I heard a noise of something like bubble wrap being crinkled. I saw another black shadow come out of me and get sucked into the ground. The old man stepped back and turned to the buffalo and it looked like they nodded to each other. The buffalo told me to walk my pathway in life without fear, regret or insecurity any longer. I was given a gift which I must now be working to discover. The two of them walked away leaving the bear sitting there with me. The bear was absolutely huge and he stood up and stepped over to me, pulling me into his body like a hug. It felt as good as one of your hugs, Jared. Everything faded after that and I woke up briefly thinking that I smelled smudging smoke… but I wasn't sure. I felt warm and loved deep inside me and I must have fallen right back to sleep."

"It was a vision, Liam. The black shadows you saw were the evil spirits who must have been deep within you. Deep enough to avoid the smudging we did, but not deep enough for the Creator to banish them. The Creator has told me to start teaching you in the ways of the ancient knowledge, and he has opened a pathway for us to follow. You have much to learn and I can't tell you everything from my vision until you are ready to absorb the information. I ask you to be patient."

"I understand, and I will try to be patient."

"That man you saw was one of your ancestors from Ireland. He was a great healer and seer like my Grandfather. You will see him more as your training progresses. Just so you know, if he appears in your vision again, and I suspect he will, you may refer to him as Grandfather. We use grandfather generically as a sign of respect to anyone of a grandmother or grandfather's age. You may also call him ancient Grandfather if you wish to avoid confusion. At some point, he may give his official titles, but those are only used during sacred ceremonies or formal introductions or special events."

"Wow, lots of things to learn."

"True, but most of it actually makes sense. Now, the first thing you must learn today Padawan, is how to do the dishes," Jared laughed.

"Hey, I made the meal!" squeaked Liam. "Can we do them together?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way, lover," Jared replied.

The two of them made short work of cleaning the kitchen. If someone else would have been in the room to watch, they would have seen two very good-looking hunks of men only in their briefs doing the chores in the kitchen. Jared and Liam could have made a fortune letting horny men and women watch live online while they were working the way they were dressed.

Liam bent over to put the last item into the cupboard. As he was placing the frying pan into the cupboard, Jared stepped up behind him admiring the very tempting target of fine firm flesh in front of him. With a smirk on his face, Jared drew back and let loose with his hand, slapping Liam's ass squarely in the middle. Liam jumped up and arched his back while grabbing his ass. His mouth was wide open screaming like a little girl as he bounced on his toes. Jared couldn't hold it back anymore and started to laugh.

Liam stopped bouncing and twisted his body. With one hand, he pulled his briefs down showing the perfect imprint of Jared's hand in pink contrasting the white skin of Liam's ass. He looked at it and Jared while pulling up his underwear. Liam said, "It's on, Jared," as he started towards him.

Jared ran to the living room only to be caught by an airborne Liam, both of them crashing onto the couch. The wrestled and tickled each other for a while when suddenly they were nose to nose. They kissed, their tongues dancing in each other's mouth. They could feel each other's hard-on trapped between them.

"Jared. I'm ready. I want you to make love to me, all the way."

"Are you sure? I'm not pushing you and we have all the time in the world for us to do this when you're ready."

"Jared, I have been saving that part of sex for someone I really loved and could trust. I have given you my heart, and now I am giving you my body as well." Liam looked at Jared for a moment and he could see the water forming in Jared's eyes.

Jared leaned over Liam and said, "I love you absolutely." Then he kissed him. They embraced while kissing, holding each other tightly. Jared could feel the warmth of Liam's muscular body tight against his and started to kiss Liam's ears, pulling them gently with his teeth. Licking and kissing down his neck, Jared could feel the warmth in Liam's body starting to increase. Liam moaned loudly and gently grabbed Jared's head with both hands.

"Jared, do you think this is too fast? I mean, the feeling we have for each other? Is it lust or love?"

He looked into the blue eyes of soulmate and replied, "Liam, I have never felt this way about anyone before. It's as if we've been brought together… and don't forget that vision. We have been told the Bear and the Eagle are meant to be together and walk one path. I thought of us being together for quite a while, before finding out the relationship we both were dreaming of could be a reality."

"I know I've never felt this way before either, and I was serious. You have my heart already, and now I want you to have my body."

Jared kissed him, and held him tightly. Liam loved the feel of Jared's warm muscular body pressed against his. His skin was so soft on the surface, yet the muscles underneath were very solid.

"I think we should take this to the bedroom, Jared."

"I think so too."

The two men got up and headed into the bedroom, their arms wrapped around each other while they followed the direction being pointed by their tented briefs. When they got there, Liam pulled Jared into him and kissed him. Their tongues danced with each other while their hands roamed freely over each other's body enjoying the contact of the skin being held.

They both fell onto the bed, with Liam on top. Liam started to kiss his way down to Jared's nipples, nipping at them with his teeth. He continued down Jared's chest until he got to his new boyfriend's cute little belly button. As Liam was licking and kissing the button, he started to gently fondle Jared's package still contained, although barely, within the underwear. Liam gently squeezed Jared's hard cock and saw a wet spot starting to form on the material of the briefs. Jared's cock filled those briefs very well, and Liam found it hard to believe they actually were able to contain it soft, let alone hard. That was why he wanted them for Jared at the store.

"Those do look a lot better than your old boxers, Jared. They're absolutely hot on you," said Liam.

"Thank you. I have to admit, you may've been right this time." Jared stood up, and then pushed Liam onto the bed, flat on his back. "You are overdressed."

His hands roamed down to Liam's mound, still covered by the briefs he wore and started to massage it gently. He slid his hands under Liam's ass, grabbing his cheeks as he leaned down to suck on the cock through the underwear causing Liam to moan in appreciation. The wet spot on Liam's underwear tasted like honey to Jared as he licked it. Jared also saw Liam's blonde bush popping over the top of the low riding elastic.

Jared leaned over Liam's face and kissed him. "I love you Liam."

"Even when you are not doing this to me, I love you more."

Jared slowly worked his way down Liam's body; licking and kissing every part of his boyfriend's body while slowly approaching his target. Jared was massaging the insides of Liam's thighs causing Liam to squirm under his touch with all the sensations he was creating.

Jared gripped the elastic band of the underwear in his teeth, and slowly pulled them down, exposing the object of his dreams in all its glory. Liam's cock stood straight up and was spewing pre-cum all over the purple helmet. Jared grabbed the underwear and finished pulling it off, throwing them on the floor. He moved between Liam's inner thighs and started to lick along them slowly, moving towards the low hanging balls. Jared used his hands to spread Liam's legs more so he could use his tongue right under the sack and on the perineum.

Liam was in sheer bliss, he had never experienced anything like this in his life and he let loose with a squeal. Everywhere Jared's tongue lapped created an electrical charge throughout his body. Liam felt as Jared slowly pushed his legs up to expose his hidden virgin rose bud.

When Jared looked at the virgin target, it seemed to wink at him in anticipation. Jared moved in slowly and stuck his tongue out, and then rolled it around the muscle ring. Liam moaned loudly and hissed, "Oh god, Jared."

Jared continued to lick Liam's rose bud with vigor. Liam was responding well and squirming in delight. Jared reached over to the bedside table and retrieved the lube; He lubed one finger, slowly inserting it into Liam. Liam arched his back as Jared's digit penetrated him. Soon Jared was slowly finger fucking him, making sure to get deeper so he could massage the prostate as well. Liam was moaning and grunting unintelligible sounds in response to every movement.

"Jared, it's like electricity flowing throw my body when you touch me."

Jared inserted a second finger slowly, and then started to move them both in and out of Liam's tight virgin ass. His sphincter was loosening up nicely, Jared thought to himself and he inserted the third finger. Liam cried out in ecstasy as the fingers probed deeper.

"Liam, I want you to turn over and get on your hands and knees." Liam did so. While Liam was repositioning, Jared slid his own underwear off and threw them at Liam who grabbed them for a deep sniff.

Jared spread Liam's legs so his rose bud was on main stage. Jared once again started to use his three fingers to loosen him up some more. He was gently pushing them in and twisting them as he pulled them out. While Jared's one hand was finger-fucking Liam, the other hand was also toying with Liam's very hard dick. Jared pulled his fingers out and applied some lube to the target of the night. He then squirted some into his hand and coated his cock. Moving behind Liam, he placed the head of the dick at Liam's virgin ass.

"Lay flat now Liam, with your leg's spread," said Jared and again Liam did so without question. Jared played with Liam's ass cheeks and then put his thumbs between the tight mounds of flesh to massage around Liam's love hole. Jared stopped and leaned over Liam, allowing his dick to slide up and down Liam's ass crack, and to drag across his hole.

"Jared, it feels so good. Stop teasing me please. I want and need you in me," Liam pleaded.

Jared lined up his cock at Liam's virgin rosebud. "I am going to push in slowly. It may hurt a bit… let me know. I don't want to hurt you but there may be some initial pain. When I am going in, I want you to push down like you are taking a dump. It will make it easier. Are you ready, my love?"

"Yes Jared. Do it. I want you inside me."

Jared began to push the head of his cock into Liam. He heard a gasp as he broke through the outer muscle ring as his cock-head popped inside.

"Are you ok, Liam? I'll wait a minute for you to get used to it."

A moment later, Liam said, "I'm good now, keep going. It just feels so fucking incredible!  Your dick feels so warm inside my ass."

"Ok. Moving forward," he said as he began slowly pushing into Liam deeper. Jared was surprised how relaxed Liam was and how easily his cock was going into him. He did stop a couple more times when he felt Liam tensing up. Each time he went deeper, Jared heard Liam groaning deeply. Soon enough, he was buried all the way inside his soulmate.

"Liam, you have it all now. How does it feel?"

"Jared, it's incredible. I feel so full with you in there; the warmth of your cock in me is something I never thought I could experience. I feel as if you and I are one; I never thought it was going to be this good but it must be because of our match."

Jared started to pull back, and then push forward slowly. Liam was making sounds like purring as he slowly moved in and out.

"Jared, it feels so good in me."

Jared began to slowly pick up the pace and began sliding in and out of Liam. Liam was now making grunting sounds every time Jared thrust into him and bottomed out.

Jared stopped for a moment and grabbed Liam by the hips and pulled up. Liam raised his ass and settled on his forearms and knees. Jared began to move in and out of him again. Liam was beginning to figure out that if he pushed his ass backwards as Jared was thrusting, his dick would go even deeper into him. Liam was increasing the volume of his grunting sounds as Jared continued to thrust into him.

After a couple of minutes Jared said, "Liam, roll over onto your back slowly." Liam turned slowly and Jared managed to stay lodged inside him while he moved.

"I want to look into your face while we do this and when we cum."

Jared pushed in deep enough to lean forward and kiss Liam's lips. Liam kissed back and then brought his hands up to grab Jared's back. They moved down until they could cup Jared's hard muscular ass.

Jared started to move in and out of Liam again and began increasing the tempo. Liam was letting out long groans. Jared changed his angle slightly so he could hit Liam's prostate with each thrust. When he did this, Liam's eyes rolled back into his head. Jared was moving in and out of Liam at a quick pace. The tightness of Liam's hole was making it hard to keep from cumming thought Jared. Liam was also thinking about how hard it was not to cum with the sensations he was feeling for the first time.

Liam called out, "Oh god, Jared, I'm coming. It's too good to hold off any more!" With that, several long shots of sperm came out of Liam. The first shot hit Liam's face; the rest of the shots covered his chest.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" Liam cried out.

Jared began moving faster and slamming in as deep as he could. The added contractions of Liam's asshole on his dick were enough to drive him over the edge as well. "I'm cumming, Liam."

Liam felt the warm fluid injecting into his bowels. He couldn't describe the feelings he was experiencing having that big dick up his ass, buried deep within him, filling him entirely, and now the essence of Jared filling his gut.

Jared collapsed onto Liam. They lay together for a couple of minutes; they gently kissed while the slowly softening cock was still imbedded within Liam. Jared pulled slowly out and got off Liam. He could see some of his cum seeping out of Liam's asshole as it was quivering from his dick having been removed.

"I feel so empty with that big dick of yours not in me anymore," Liam complained.

Jared reached down and grabbed a shirt. He wiped himself off, and then Liam. He then crawled onto the bed, spooning behind Liam and wrapping his arms around him.

"I love you, Liam" said Jared.

"I love you more, Jared" replied Liam. They both fell off to sleep, cuddled together.

A couple of hours later, Liam woke up and ran for the toilet. A few moments later, he returned and crawled back into bed. Liam positioned himself on his side, his arm over Jared and his head on his chest. They both fell asleep again.


Their days off went too fast. The two of them talked, ate, smudged and made love often during their time together. The communication, the gestures, the gentle touches, as well as the constant glances to see where the other was would indicate to any bystander that these two men were in love. When they fell in love, it was absolute and unconditional. Their days off ran by too fast, but a month off would've also been too short for these two young men in love.

Liam and Jared returned to work on Wednesday for their two-day shifts followed by two night shifts. After that, they would have 4 days off again. The two of them walked into the base and headed right to the locker room to change into uniform. Their morning routine continued as they both grabbed a cup of coffee and went to the shift room for briefing of what had been going on. As they entered the briefing room, the Base Manager was at the front of a long table and looking flustered. There also was one of the more outspoken medics sitting at the table and looking upset about something.

Rob, the manager said, "Ok, let's get started," as he started to shuffle papers.

Tim, the outspoken medic chirped up, "When are we going to get an answer on the wage increase?"

Rob just looked at him and said, "When I know, you'll know. Next topic," Rob said with authority in his voice. There were no further questions, but Tim was making I-told-you-so facial expressions to a couple of other staff members. Rob went through roll call and everyone was assigned to their units for the night, as well as two units being assigned to standby at a couple of hockey games.

Tim mumbled on the way out of the room, "I get the shit unit again and the ass-kissing scabs get the new one."

Jared turned quickly and said, "Repeat that again Tim, so instead of just your buddies, I can actually hear it."

Tim snapped back, "You heard me asshole."

Liam smiled, "You said you're an asshole?"

"Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, Liam," replied Tim.

"You like to fuck horses, Tim? Is that what you're saying?" asked Liam.

Rob looked like he was going to say something when Jared quickly held his hand out in a stop gesture.

Jared locked eyes with Tim, and then said with an even and emotionless tone, "Have a good shift, Timmy."

All Liam, Jared and Rob heard from the garage was, "Fucking assholes," in a loud voice.

Tim was not what you would describe as a nice man and just barely was able to do the job. He had dark curly hair, brown eyes, about 5'7", and 220 lbs. In Jared's mind, Tim reminded him of the character Strax on Dr. Who. Tim had trouble keeping his pants up because of his body shape combined with the equipment on his belt. He had a pudgy face with big red cheeks. Tim was also the first to blame anyone around him, or the equipment, when something went wrong. If there was disharmony, he was usually not far away.

Jared looked at Rob and asked quietly, "Rob, what the hell was that all about?"

Rob looked pensive for a minute and then looked at Jared and Liam and said, "Let's go to my office and talk."

The three of them walked out of the meeting room and down the hallway into Rob's office. After all three were in the office, Rob reached out and closed the door then sat behind his desk. Jared and Liam sat down on the chairs in front of the desk and looked at Rob.

"I'm surprised you haven't heard anything about this. Tim has been on this kick to form an association for the staff. He figures if he pushes a bunch of demands out there and they aren't met, he can get support for an association or even a union. If he gets what he wants, then he looks the hero," said Rob calmly.

Liam spoke up, "We've always been treated well by management. Good wages, good equipment, great shift schedule, lots of training, Christmas bonuses and anything we ask for has always been considered. We don't always get everything we want, but we are given a pretty good reason why we can't have it."

Jared locked eyes with Rob and asked, "How long has this been going on?"

"This has been going on for a while, but Tim really seems to be ramping up now, and I'm not sure why," said Rob with exasperation. "For about the past month we have been repairing equipment with suspicious damage and replacing missing supplies."

Jared was watching Rob carefully, "I've heard some rumblings about a union, but it seems to go through the same cycle every couple of years and disappears again."

"Your shift isn't a problem, Jared. You're the shift supervisor; everyone loves working with you guys. The shift with Troy is the same, they love him too. But, your two shifts are on together and you don't see the other two shifts because they're on when you're off. Tim and his buddies create a totally different working atmosphere on their shifts. He's on shift today because I needed an extra transfer wagon."

"I knew there was some tension, but I didn't know it was like that," replied Jared with concern.

Rob looked at Liam and then said, "While you guys were on your days off, someone called the Health Department anonymously to complain about faulty equipment, shortage of supplies and unsafe working conditions." Rob continued, "They came down and went specifically to a couple of units. There was equipment in there which had been damaged and supplies missing, including some drugs like Narcan."

Liam asked, "Why Narcan? It reverses overdoses."

"People can get high more than once on the same dose of morphine. When they inject the Narcan it brings them down. When it is metabolized, they get high again. Not a safe thing to do but it's not safe to use Morphine either," replied Rob.

"I guess I'm a bit naive. I hadn't thought of using it that way," said Liam.

"What did the Health Department say?" asked Jared.

"They looked at our records and documents and will be actively monitoring the situation going forward. The Department Representative told me it looked to him like someone may be causing the damage, maybe sabotage because it was well placed damage, but he had to look at the potential service failure these problems could cause."

At that time, the radio warbled startling all three of the men. Jared and Liam got up, opened the door and ran down the hallway to their unit. The garage door was open already and Liam drove the unit out. Dispatch advised of 45-year-old man with chest pains and Liam hit the lights and sirens.

The first half of the shift was call after call non-stop and they didn't even have time for coffee. After dropping another patient and clearing the hospital yet again Liam asked, "Is it a full moon or what today?"

Jared replied, "No, new moon right now. I see some of the other crews were busy too and even Timmy's unit was at the hospital while we were in the emergency department. They must be getting desperate to call him off the transfer schedule."

A call came in for them to respond to yet another chest pain call in an office complex. Minutes later, they pulled up to the front door of an office building, jumped out, grabbed their kits and ran through the front door being held open by a security guard. The guard escorted them into a large plushy decorated boardroom where they found a 35-year-old man sitting in a chair. The man's jacket was on the table next to him, tie loosened and the top buttons on his shirt open. The signs the man were presenting as they approached him were consistent with cardiac problems. While Jared was looking him over, Liam started to get the history of what happened. Jared had hooked up the heart monitor leads while Liam got the vitals and when he tried to turn it on, nothing happened. He tried switching it on and off again with the same results. Jared changed batteries and nothing happened again. Liam looked at him with a confused look on his face.

"Call for a back-up unit Liam, Code 4," Jared said. Liam spoke into the radio briefly and then turned his attention back to Jared.

Jared said, "Let's get an IV into him for medication access or bolus while I give nitro and get the morphine ready."

The two skilled men continued to work on the patient when suddenly the man's eyes rolled up in his head and he slumped into the chair.

"He's coded," Liam said as he was lifting him to the floor. Jared then turned to the security guard and said, "Clear the room of everyone now!"

As the room was being cleared Jared ripped the man's shirt open and Liam started CPR. Just as the last person went through the doorway, Jared very calmly said, "Stop CPR and move back," as he put his hands on the man's chest. Jared closed his eyes for a couple of seconds and then opened them. Liam saw Jared's eyes had turned white and glowed brightly. Jared quietly spoke, "Creator, this man is dying because of someone's evil actions on my equipment, and we cannot allow this to happen. This was not the path he was meant to walk. Please guide my hands so we may do the best we can to do your work." Jared's hands glowed and the man on the floor drew a deep breath. He started to breathe regularly as if he was in a deep sleep as the glow disappeared. As it did, he glanced up at Liam who looked not shocked, but confused. 'Good sign' Jared thought.

"Wha…" Liam started.

"Liam, let's just finish here, and I promise I'll explain," he said and then nodded approvingly as Liam became all business again. 'Very good sign.'

By the time the back-up unit arrived, Jared and Liam had the patient on the stretcher, IV running and he was returning to consciousness slowly. Jared was assessing him further when the second team came in the room.

Liam looked at the back-up team and said, "Get him hooked up to your monitor."

A couple of minutes later, with the back-up teams' monitor hooked up, they left the building and headed to the hospital. After dropping him off, Jared called Rob on the phone to advise him of the problem with the heart monitor. They drove to the base and exchanged cardiac units with one Rob had just finished inspecting. When they looked at the batteries from their unit, the contact prongs were bent back far enough they wouldn't make contact when pushed into the unit.

"What happened?" Rob asked. Jared told him about the man going unconscious and trying to use the defibrillator. Jared skipped over some of the events and continued with the man becoming conscious again and hooking the second team's monitor.

"We had used the unit a few times already today and everything was fine," explained Jared.

Rob said he would look into it, but it looks like what the Health Department man said was true.

As they went back out to their unit Liam said, "The man was lucky it was you that responded or it would have been a different result."

As they were getting into the unit, Tim's unit was pulling up. "I heard you guys had some problems with your equipment. Luckily it wasn't a more serious call," Tim said through the window with a smirk on his face.

Liam replied, "It was our skill that did it. He was lucky it wasn't you that showed up, Tim." Tim gave him a dirty look and closed the window.

Jared said, "That was quick, as if he knew a problem was supposed to happen. Rob was the only one that knew, besides us and the two guys who backed us up."

The rest of the shift was routine with a couple of minor calls and at the end of the day, Liam and Jared parked the unit in the garage. Liam saw Rob in the garage and called him over. He told Rob about the conversation between them and Tim earlier. Rob didn't say anything as he walked away.

After they changed and went to the parking lot, Jared looked at Liam and asked, "Coming to my place for dinner tonight?"

Liam smirked and replied, "Who's cooking?"

"I am," replied Jared.

"Lucky I'm a paramedic so we may not have to go to the hospital to get our stomachs pumped," said Liam.

Jared reached to smack Liam in the back of the head, but he ducked. Liam then said, "Of course I am coming for dinner with you. It doesn't matter what we eat for supper, it is just us being there together which makes the time the best."

Jared got back to his apartment and took a quick shower before starting supper. He would BBQ a couple of steaks, grill potatoes and BBQ the corn with a fresh salad. Jared looked through the freezer and saw he was out of the wild game he usually ate. There were a couple of rib steaks though and he pulled them out and put them in the microwave to defrost. Jared then went out to the BBQ on the porch and lit it.

As he was coming back in, there was a knock at the door to his apartment. Jared went to the door and opened it to see Liam standing there trying to hide a backpack behind his body. Liam looked so cute standing there and Jared reached out, grabbed his hand, and pulled him into his arms. "You don't have to knock on this door; you're always welcome in here, Liam." Jared leaned in and kissed Liam. Slowly working his hands down Liam's back to the tight muscular cheeks of his ass.

Liam groaned as Jared pulled his body towards him, grinding their crotches together. Liam broke the kiss and looked into Jared's brown eyes and said, "Are you hungry for more than the obvious?" Liam's 501 Jeans were filled out quite well in the front, almost as much as Jared's.

Jared said, "Let's get supper ready and then there will be lots of time for love making with my boyfriend."

Liam kissed Jared's neck a couple of times as he slowly reached between them to massage Jared's hard dick through the jeans. "Are you sure you want to eat first?" asked Liam.

"Hmmmm, YES. I am starving for two things, and they are both here right now. Supper, and you Liam," said Jared. "You will need the strength for tonight."

"Yes, I agree," replied Liam, giving one last squeeze to Jared's hard dick. "I brought some things in case I didn't make it back home tonight. That wasn't too presumptuous of me, was it?" Liam said smiling.

"Not at all, Liam. Something we should discuss in the future is living arrangements for us now that we are boyfriends."

They split apart and Liam went to the bedroom to drop his bag off. He also changed into a pair of silky running shorts with a T-shirt. Liam entered the kitchen and stood in the doorway while Jared was slicing potatoes. When Jared looked up, he almost took off a finger when he saw Liam. Liam was so sexy standing there with his blond hair, blue eyes, solid body, and tight T-shirt showing firm nipples, nice package outline through the shorts and obviously commando, solid legs with blonde hair on them. Jared thought about how lucky he was to be with this man.

"Jared, keep your mind on what you are doing or you will lose a finger," exclaimed Liam.

"How the hell can I do that when an incredibly good looking man enters my kitchen dressed like that?!" replied Jared.

"Thanks Jared. I can continue doing the potatoes while you go and change into something more comfortable," Liam suggested. Jared agreed, and handed the knife to him as he left to change into the same type of clothing.

Liam was bundling the potatoes when Jared returned and they finished them together for the BBQ. They had already soaked the corn in the husk for the BBQ and Jared ran them out and put them on the grill to cook. When he returned, Liam was bent over looking in the refrigerator for salad fixings. His running shorts were tight and clearly showed the beauty of his ass. Jared came up behind him quietly and grabbed the solid looking cheeks. Liam stood up, startled.

"Damn it! You move as silent as a cat, Jared. How do you do that?' he asked.

"Ancient Chinese secret," he replied. "Actually, in reality it is an ancient Japanese secret."

"The salad can wait for a few minutes," said Jared. Jared went to his knees and pulled Liam's running shorts down. His semi-hard dick flopped out and Jared took it into his mouth to suck. Liam placed his hands on Jared's head gently and groaned.

Liam looked down at Jared and said, "I want something in my mouth too."

Jared pulled his mouth off Liam's dick and said, "Good idea. Let's go to the living room."

Liam with his hard dick pointing the way, kicked his shorts off and followed Jared. When they got there, Liam reached forward and pulled Jared's shorts to the ground exposing his 8" hard dick. Jared kicked his shorts off and grabbed Liam to pull him in for a kiss. While they kissed, they pulled each other shirts off.

The two of them went to their knees while kissing. The broke apart and lay on their sides in a 69 position. They reached out and grabbed the hard cocks in front of their faces and sucked them into their mouths. Jared was sucking and jacking Liam's hard love stick when he felt his balls being licked and sucked on. Jared groaned through the mouthful of dick he had filling him. Liam continued to suck on Jared's big hairless balls while enjoying the sensation of Jared's tongue twirling around his dick head. Jared rolled onto his back, and pulled Liam on top of him. Liam's ass cheeks separated in this position. Jared licked his finger so it was nice and wet and started to play with Liam's asshole, finally inserting it slowly. Liam felt the finger enter him and he groaned loudly. In the position he was in, he could now deep throat Jared with ease. He lowered his mouth down on the rigid throbbing pole until his nose was in Jared's sparse black pubic hairs. It was Jared's turn to let out a deep groan.

The continued doing this for another minute until Jared said, "Hold on." He got out from under Liam and then laid on his back with just his head under Liam's dick, and the rest of his body between Liam's legs. Jared took Liam's dick in his mouth and sucked it deep. Reaching up, he began to finger Liam's ass again. Liam was beginning to fuck Jared's mouth with his cock. It didn't take long before Liam made his final arch and shot his load into Jared's mouth. They remained that way for a moment and then Jared crawled out from under Liam and got in behind him. He spit on his dick and pushed it in. He could feel his cock break through the muscle ring of Liam's ass and heard Liam calling out, "Yes. Do it Jared. Fuck me hard."

Jared complied and pushed all the way into Liam. Liam had his head arched upwards, mouth wide open and moaning loudly.

"Liam, you are so tight and warm it is unbelievable," said Jared.

"You fill me with your cock, Jared. God, it feels so good to have it in me. Harder Jared, harder!" Liam replied.

Jared started to pound in and out of Liam's ass when he felt his climax building. The tightness of Liam's hole created wonderful sensations on Jared's hard cock. Jared took a final thrust and went as deep as he could. Liam could feel the contractions from Jared's dick buried inside of him and he pushed his ass back to force him deeper yet. The feeling of the warm liquid being squirted into him from Jared's cock was ecstasy for Liam. He loved the feeling of Jared filling him completely and then cumming in him. It was enough to push him over the top again and Liam came all over the carpet in fresh ropes of cum.

The two collapsed. A minute later, Jared kissed Liam and said, "I love you more than life itself, Liam."

Liam replied, "My life would not be worth living without you, Jared. I love you more."

After cuddling on the carpet for bit, they got up and went to the bathroom to clean up from their activity. Returning to the kitchen, Liam went to the refrigerator and started to look for some salad fixings.

Jared came behind him and grabbed him by the hips and pulled him into his crotch. "Liam, life would be great if we were caught like in Ground Hog Day and had to keep repeating this day over and over," mused Jared.

"I agree with you. But, I am never going to get the salad made if you keep doing that," Liam observed.

"And the problem is?" asked Jared. They both laughed and Jared released him. He grabbed the steaks to throw on the BBQ. Jared was about to go out onto the porch when Liam suggested he put his shorts back on. Jared put the steaks down and looked around until he found a pair of shorts… they were Liam's. He put them on and went out to throw the steaks on the grill.

He came back in after closing the lid on the BBQ and found Liam chopping vegetables for the salad. "The other stuff will be done the same time as the steaks," said Jared. He started to set the table for the two of them. "Would you like a glass of wine tonight?"

"Yes, a chardonnay would be nice if you have it," Liam replied.

"I think I might, but not sure. Does it have a cork or screw cap?" Jared asked with a smile.

Liam looked at him with a smile and said, "Dork. Of course, it has a screw cap." Liam then laughed.

Jared went over to his cupboard on the other side of the fridge and pulled out a bottle of wine. He went to a drawer and pulled out a corkscrew and inserted it; the cork came out with a pop.

"It should breathe a few minutes," said Jared as if he were a high-class waiter. Liam snorted at him. He went to another cupboard and pulled out a fancy glass object and poured the wine into it and then set it on the table.

"What is that?" asked Liam.

"It is a wine carafe. It is used for allowing the red wine to breathe. I take it you are used to drinking directly from the bottle as opposed to glasses?" asked Jared.

Liam just held up his hand and gave him the finger with a smile.

The meal was fantastic. The two of them sat and ate until there was absolutely nothing left to eat on the table. Jared got up slowly, rubbing his tummy and went to the cupboard and got out another bottle of wine. He pulled the cork and poured some into both glasses.

"This is a semi sweet wine. A Zinfandel wine made in British Columbia." After pouring the wine, Jared went to the freezer and pulled out the chocolate cheesecake and set it on the table. He pulled one slice out and onto a plate. Using a fork, he cut into it and then fed it to Liam. Liam took his fork and returned the favour to Jared. They continued until the piece was gone.

They were cleaning up the kitchen when Liam came up behind Jared and pulled the shorts down to his feet. "You sir, are overdressed," stated Liam.

Jared stepped out of them and used his foot to fling them into the living room. The two of them finished the cleaning and took their glasses of wine to the couch.

Both sat in silence, their bodies next to each other and legs interwoven, sipping their wine. Liam looked at Jared and said, "That was an incredible meal. The thing which made it the best meal I have ever had was that I got to eat it with you."

Jared reached out and took Liam's free hand, brought it gently to his mouth and kissed it gently. "I feel the same way. I wish time would stand still when I was with you so we never had to be separated. I have never fallen so quickly or deeply into love with any man before. My heart hurts when we are apart."

"I have never fallen in love like this before either. I feel like we are one person on a level I've never felt before. There are so many times we seem to anticipate each other's next actions or sometimes each other's thoughts as well. I really notice that when we work together on something," replied Liam. "Well, except for today in that boardroom. I didn't expect that at all."

Jared laughed, "I was impressed that you took it as calmly as you did."

"Well, what with everything that happened on our days off, the things you told me, the smudging, the vision, the evil spirits… I guess it prepared me to expect the unexpected."

Jared smirked, "I told you a little about my work for the Creator and about being a healer…"

"I know," Liam chuckled, cutting him off. "But I wasn't expecting that…"

"That's just one of my gifts as a medicine man. Are you ok with this? I mean, you seem to be."

Liam smiled. "Yeah, I am. I'll admit, I'm glad it happened after our time off together. If it had happened before, I would have been a lot more shocked." He paused for a moment before adding, "Although, at some level I seemed to understand what you were doing. I wasn't scared of it."

"That's interesting Liam, I believe the Creator has chosen for our paths to become one, as a couple. I need to take you out to my little cabin in the bush where we can complete a sweat lodge ceremony. This is a traditional ceremony where our paths may be revealed by the Creator. Even if he doesn't reveal his plans, we are cleansed of evil influences and a chance to make peace with ourselves. We may even be visited by ancestors who have a message for us," said Jared.

Liam thought for a moment and said, "I would love to do this but I'm scared. What happens if the Creator shows our paths separating or we shouldn't be together?"

Jared leaned into kiss Liam and then replied, "I don't believe it to be a possibility. We both have already seen visions that this is our path. The bear and the eagle have to be together in the vision we had. I know I am the bear and I believe the creator was revealing your totem, the eagle. Remember when the bear hugged the eagle in your vision you said it felt like one of my hugs?"

"Yes, it did feel like one of them. You may be right, Jared," acknowledged Liam.

"I've been planning a weekend up at the cabin on this next set of days off. There are also four of my friends coming up for a weekend of sun and fun. It's something we all do as often as possible on our days off."

Liam spoke, "This weekend? Your friends? This isn't an orgy weekend, is it?"

"No. They are as monogamous in their relationships as I hope we are. We do spend the whole weekend naked though," said Jared.

"Jared, I never want to be with anyone besides you. That's not me… I don't believe in that for me."

"Then we are on the same page Liam, I believe when you are committed in a relationship, you don't need anyone else."

"And you said naked? I don't know if I could do that in front of strangers," said Liam.

"You already know them all, Liam. We work with Troy; Tyler and Josh are on the Police Department. The fourth is Josh's boyfriend Darren, and he's a fire fighter."

"I know them all Jared, and never knew about them," said Liam.

"Liam, there is a special relationship between myself, Darren, Josh, Troy and Tyler. We are tighter than brothers and love each other very deeply as family. They will accept you as a new member of the family because of our relationship, and they will grow to love you as a brother as well," said Jared.

"It sounds like an interesting but a fun weekend. I do have a dentist appointment the morning we get off shift but I could drive up afterwards," Liam said after a moment. He then added, "Jared, I can't believe how fast and deep this relationship has developed. I'm still in shock actually. Now I'm meeting your friends. I'll be honest; I have no friends out of work here in the city to introduce you to."

"No friends?" asked Jared.

"No friends other than the type you just say hi or have short conversations with. I stay very much to myself and I've learned not to get close to people. Honestly, I think I was staying away from relationships or friends so I would never hurt them like I thought I hurt my parents. You're different, Jared. When working with you, I could sense how good you were and I felt safe just being with you. I do have to admit to jacking off more than once dreaming about being with you, though," Liam said while blushing.

"I did the same thing thinking about you. I think the Creator blocked our gaydars so we could get to know each other well before our path was revealed. I think the Creator wanted us to truly know each other as friends before he allowed us to connect emotionally and then enter into a relationship." said Jared. "I have an idea. Let's go for a long walk and then come back and make love until the sun rises."

Liam replied, "I could go for that." The both got dressed and left the apartment. It was a beautiful evening for a walk along the sidewalks of the city. It was warm and there was a light breeze, enough to keep the mosquitos from swarming on the people outside.

"Liam, let's go over to the park and walk through the flower gardens," said Jared.

They made their way over to the large fountain and garden area. The flowers were as beautiful to smell as they were to look at. The two of them wandered around the various flowers and then to watch the fountain with its cascading flows of water. They both threw coins into the pond and made a wish and it was obvious what both of their wishes were, when after throwing the coins in they just stared at each other's eyes.

Liam moved over to Jared and kissed him gently on the lips and Jared returned it. Turning towards the fountain, they watched the water cascade through various routes, arms around the other's waist.

They walked away from the fountain. Liam saw some Forget-me-not flowers along the edge of the sidewalk and bent over to pluck one. Standing up, he put the flower in through a buttonhole on Jared's polo shirt.

"I would like to think the flower name says it all, Jared," said Liam. "I don't need one because I will never forget who you are." He leaned over and kissed Jared.

It was dark now, and the area was lit by the lights on the fountain and the various lights along the walking trails. The two of them, arms still around each other's waist, started to walk back towards the apartment. Before they knew it, the two of them had arrived at the apartment.

The next couple of shifts flew by for Jared and Liam. The night shifts were long and busy, and the time in between was filled with love and lovemaking. They were both looking forward to going to Jared's cabin and meeting up with their friends. Liam was not looking forward to the dentist appointment and having to drive up alone. He would rather be with Jared for the drive.

End of chapter Four


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