Haven Book Two

Chapter 21

*  Back at Haven  *

After the vehicles were out of sight, everyone went back inside where it was warm.  Todd and Monty led the way to the suite and everyone settled into an uncomfortable silence.

Patty finally said, "Hey, it's not like they died or something.  They'll be gone a few days and then all hell will break loose.  They will be bringing back a whole bunch of boys that have been living in Hell, and then there is that stupid Principal and Board of Education dude.  We need to do two things."

Tym and David asked in unison, "What?"

Everyone giggled at that, it was so cute the way those two were.

"Well, probably the first thing is, we need to go get those rooms that 'Philip' told us about, ready. You know, the ones over the banquet hall.  We will have to start eating in there if there will be close to a hundred of us, all together." Patty paused while the others nodded their agreement. 

David and Tym asked again, in unison, "What else?"

Patty grabbed Monty's hand and said, as she pulled him away, "Enjoy the time before they get back!"

Everyone laughed as Monty blushed and the couple disappeared down the hall.  Todd then took control, "Well, they'll be missing, in action, for a while, why don't we go over and find out just how much has to be done in those rooms?"

Ten minutes later, the boys looked pretty discouraged.  There were plenty of rooms, all right; they were all pretty much the same: A dresser, a small writing desk & chair, an overstuffed easy chair, a plain double bed, or two single beds, a nightstand with a lamp on it and a small closet.  Each room shared a small bathroom with the room next door.  All the furniture was covered with thin white cloths and there was enough dust to plant a garden, even under the cloths.

Todd removed the cloth from the dresser in the room they were in, stirring up a cloud of dust, and ran a finger across the top of it.

“Boy, I could write my name, address and phone number on here.” He moved his finger through the thick layer of dust, and wrote 'T O D D',  “I don't think I have ever seen a place with this much dust. This is not going to be easy to get cleaned up, you know.”

          “I think we are going to need a Shop-Vac."

 It didn't look like anyone had set foot in this area in fifty years.

Todd looked around the hall, "'Philip'?"

There was dead silence.  Adam said, "There are no cameras or speakers in  here.  We'll need our laptops and a bunch of cleaning supplies.  I didn't see a single TV or stereo, so we might want to get a few, and do like every fifth room as a TV or game room."

Moe added, "Yeah we could let them have the old PS2 stuff, since we use the Wii and PS3 now."

"I bet someone around here could get the cable run and some Wi-Fi for regular computers." Todd added.

The crew was off and bustling around getting the things they needed.

Meanwhile in the other wing; Patty and Monty had found a nice quiet room up on the third floor that they were starting to think of as their room.  Patty had slowly unbuttoned her blouse and gently placed Monty's hand on her chest. She had undone the snap on his jeans and had her hand down there, busy making him feel real good.

"Wow, Patty, I sure do like doing this stuff, but..." Monty trailed off, losing his courage.

Patty's hand stopped and she looked at Monty very closely, "But?"

"Well, I'd like to do more." Monty sighed, he'd actually said it.

"You know, I'm on the pill now, and we got rubbers, we can do it, if you want.  It's good with me." Patty said.

"Oh, God, Patty!  Not more sex.  More other things ... together.  I'd like to go to a movie with you.  Maybe just ride somewhere, maybe out in the country together on the horses, take a walk alone in the woods.  Maybe learn to do something together. We can be together and get to know each other better, learn more about each other," Monty explained.

"You trying to break up?  Don't you like it anymore?  What am I doing wrong?  Please Monty, don't do this to me, please..." Patty was in full blown meltdown.

"Oh Shit! Now I've done it." Monty held Patty in a warm hug, while she sobbed and cried.  "Where the Hell did you get those ideas?  Patty?  Look at me, please!"

Slowly she looked up until she met Monty's gaze.

"You make it sound like all I want is sex, and even worse, that all you're good for is sex."  Monty said.

Patty looked lost and defeated, Monty had hit it exactly right.

"Oh, Love.  Look, I love you, and I'm in love with you. Do you understand me?  I want to spend as much time with you as I can.  I want to do more with you than just shoot my stuff all over the place.  I don't want to stop that, for God's sake,  I want us to do more.  How about we go for a nice walk after we finish here?"  Monty went back to what he had been doing to Patty.  "Oh, and you need to teach me how to get you to cum. I feel bad about always being the one to get the pleasure; I don't think you really have yet, have you?"

Patty blushed and shook her head, then dropped her head into Monty's lap and made him forget about all this.

When Monty regained his breath, he pulled his pants back up, but stopped Patty from re-buttoning her blouse.  "No, Love.  Now we do it for you.  Just for you.  You gotta teach me how, and you gotta promise, no faking, Okay?"

It took a good part of the morning, but with love, understanding and the patience of a saint, Patty finally experienced her first, real, honest to God, orgasm. She and Monty were both in heaven for a time. When they broke their kiss after the stars stopped spinning around in their heads, they tidied themselves and headed back to the main part of the building.


At lunch, the kids all decided that they would take a break until three o'clock, then they'd meet back in the rooms and work till dinner.  Monty and Patty took a walk out past the gazebo and off into the woods.  Todd and Adam went off to spend some quality alone time together, and the three younger boys, Moe, David and Tym were off to the stable to see if they could ride the ponies, or if not, at least play in the hayloft.  About two o'clock, Fred Clemets arrived with some papers for Tom.

Shorty met with Fred.  "So Fred, what can we do for you?"

"I had some papers for Tom, but since he forgot to tell me he was leaving, I guess they'll have to keep till he gets back."

"He should be home Sunday, or Monday at the latest.  After all, school starts Tuesday," Shorty said.

"I hope he hasn't forgotten that the trial begins on Tuesday too, the new DA, Mr. Franklin Phurtor, is dogging my heals wanting to find charges to bring too. He's really steamed.  He thinks we should turn up the heat, and cook their 'Goos' once and for all.   He is looking at the possibility of 'Hate Crimes' as well as gross negligence causing endangerment of minors." Fred informed the older gentleman.

"I'd be worried about those defendants.  The principal is dumb, but he is just a yes man. It is the President of the Board Of Education that is behind all this.  He will try to smear Tom and the boys just to cloud the issue; I hope you are prepared for him to call all the boys here to testify.  He will ask any kind of question he thinks will embarrass the boys, to try to make Tom look like a bad father and try to twist anything the boys say to make it look like Adam and Neal are indeed gay."  Shorty said.

Fred thought for a second.  I think you are absolutely correct.  I also think I can turn that tactic against them.  It's the attitude and his lack of knowledge and the derogatory nature of the words that is the very issue we are dealing with.  You know Shorty, you may have just saved all of us a huge amount of pain.  I think this might actually turn out to be fun.  We will concede the Gay issue as moot, but the lying is the real issue.  That should bring them to a screeching halt and they will then have to scramble to form a new strategy and it will probably be too late; if I know Tom and Neal, they will be ready to tear that asshole a new one."

"Watch that language Fred, I'd hate to have to put you on the naughty list.  Ho, ho, ho."

"Sorry, Santa," Fred grinned and packed up his case, "Have Tom get in touch with me as soon as he gets back, please."

"No problem, Fred.  I'll tell him when he calls tonight." Shorty said.

"Oh, don't do that, he'll just worry that it is something serious and it isn't.  When he gets back is plenty soon enough.  And thanks for the clarification on the defense tactic," said Fred.

Shorty smiled, "That whole bunch has been on the naughty list for a long, long time. I lost any hope I had for them many years ago."

Fred gave Shorty a second look and was rewarded with that dazzling smile and twinkle in his eye.  Fred left wondering just what Santa did the rest of the year.

"Oh, Fred, I almost forgot, I need to talk to you.  I need to redo my will." Shorty said. 

Fred turned around and they both sat back down.  "First, I want Tym taken care of properly, there will be no skimping on his education and anything else he will need, then there is that thick headed Granddaughter of mine, and her proud new husband, and those adorable Great-great-grandkids.  There are the Phoenix kids and their futures too.  Now this is exactly what I want..."

Fred left an hour later with several pages of notes and a very nice retainer check.


In the library, Patrick sat by himself reading.  His Dad found him there.  "So, Pat, how are you doing, Son?"

Pat jumped as he hadn't heard Ed approaching.  "Oh, Dad, ah, I'm good."

"Well young man, we haven't had much time together lately and I must say I miss talking with you." Ed told his son.

Patrick was stunned, he had never thought his dad gave him a second thought.  "Really?  You really miss me?"

Ed was shocked at Pat's attitude.  "Of course I do, Son.  I know I've not been the best Dad a boy could have.  I mean all those years I spent searching for your sister and now I've been so busy with work and Alice, well, I decided I just had to make a few changes.  Before he left, I talked to Mr. Richards and... well, I'm hiring a staff.  So I'll not have to be so tied up all the time.  I want to be around for you and Patty and for Todd and Genny too.  Don't forget, we are all a family now and I'm hoping we can all get to spend a lot more time together and make it work."

Pat smiled, sometimes prayers did get answered, he thought,  "I'd like that a lot Dad."

Ed gave Pat a warm hug, "I've been thinking about something, and I want your honest answer.  They asked me to be a Merit Badge Counselor with Scouts and I'm seriously thinking about volunteering to be a leader in the troop too.  If Tom, I mean Mr. Richards, has his way, all those new boys are going to be joining, and the troop will definitely need help.  If I do, it will mean I will be going along on camping trips and you won't be getting away from me."

"You really would go camping with us?  KEWL Beans!  That would be so awesome!  You know so much about it.  I always kind of liked when you changed jobs and we'd go off in the trailer.  You were so cool Dad, building fires and cooking over them and showing me that stuff.  Those were the times I felt like I was really your son, not some burden you had, dragging you down." Pat gave his dad another big hug and a quick kiss.  "I'm going to go tell the all guys!  Bye Dad.  Thanks, this is soooo Kewl!" 

Pat ran out of the library with the biggest grin Ed had ever seen on the boy's face.  'I sure hope I can do this right and live up to his expectations,' Ed thought to himself. 


Out in the Hayloft, Moe helped David and Tym build a fort out of bales of hay in one corner.  Once it was enclosed and a tarp was stretched across the top, they were happy.  Sitting inside, they began talking.

Tym asked Moe, "How come you are living here?"

Moe blushed, but it didn't really show too well in the dim light.  "Well, I ran away from home.  My father had not explained what a certain ceremony was, and I didn't want to do it, and I called him some pretty bad names and he disowned me. Then I ran away and called a friend who got Dad, and then they came and got me before I did something really bad."

Tym followed up with, "What would be so bad that you would run away?"

David giggled, "He thought they were going to cut his thing off."

"WHAT!?!" Tym squeaked.

"Yeah, well, they were going to circumcise me, and I didn't know what that was and all I could figure was they were cutting my dick off, cause I didn't know what the foreskin was." Moe explained.

"What is it?" Tym asked.

Moe pulled down his pants and exposed his penis, "This loose skin, here."  He touched it and sucked in a deep breath.

Tym said in a very concerned tone, "Did you hurt it?"

Through gritted teeth Moe said, "No, it's just that my fingers are COLD!"

All three boys began giggling and Moe pulled his pants back up.

Tym then asked, "Why do they want to cut it off?  Doesn't it belong there?"

"I'm not real sure about the whys yet. But the Jews and Muslims do it and a lot of others seem to too.  About half of the guys here are circumcised and half are not," Moe explained.

David pulled his pants down and said, "See, mine's gone."

Tym scratched his head as David pulled his pants back up.  David, having learned from Moe, was very careful to not touch anything with cold fingers.

"But in the shower you looked just like me?" Tym questioned.

Moe giggled, "That's because you were both stiff and everything was stretched out."

Happy that that had been explained, the boys got back to the serious business of playing.

*  In Dang Yoo Wong's office  *

"No, no, no!  We cannot put the Girls Locker Room there. That simply will not do. See, there is the Boys' Locker Room.  We'll spend all year patching holes in the wall that the boys will make to see the girls."  Dang was nearly yelling in his empty office.

'Would that really happen?' 'Philip' asked calmly, from the computer.

Dang sighed, "Of course it would happen.  I still have the drill I used."

'Very well, then we will have to keep the girls on the other side of the gymnasium.  But the plumbing will be more costly that way.' 'Philip' reminded Dang.

Gritting his teeth, he moved on, "Now, the Principal's office needs to be bigger."

'I do not see why?  Lee will be quite busy, teaching Math and walking the halls and will only be in there for doing paperwork, which I will be doing anyway.'

"He has to meet with parents, agents from the state, have conferences and any of a number of official things, and an eight foot square office will just simply not do."

'Oh, very well,' the drawing on the screen changed.

"What the... Oh hey, that is slick, the conference room can double as the advanced Mathematics classroom and be adjoining to his office.  That is good. That way, he doesn't have to walk much; that could otherwise have been a big problem, with his back.  Be sure that things are wheelchair accessible," Dang added.

'Don't be a nag, ADA standards are met or exceeded in every detail.'

"A nag!?!  Well, I ought to..."

'Now you are sounding like Linda.'

"I'm going out for coffee."

'There is a pot right behind you.'

"And a Coffee Shop fifteen minutes away."

'Take the laptop, they have Wi-Fi there.'

It was too late. Dang was already out the door.

'Was it something I said?' 'Philip' asked the empty office.

*  Back at Haven  *

Between the kids, and house staff, the rooms were finally made ready.  Adam had thought to e-mail Neal about how many rooms would be needed, and Neal had replied they would need six sets of five rooms. Each set should be made up of three rooms for two boys, one single room, and a fifth room for the group to meet and have a TV,  video game, CD player and whatever.

The bedrooms were ready before dinner, but the stuff for the common rooms was hard to find.  Tomorrow would definitely be a scavenger hunt for the things that were needed.  'Philip' said that everything they needed was there, they just had to find it.  He couldn't be much more help, since a large area of the older wings did not have complete coverage of the surveillance system, just the entrances and exits (real or potential entry points).

After dinner, Todd asked the younger boys if they had any homework to be done before school started back on Tuesday.  He got some grumbling, but they admitted they did, so everyone got their books and went to the library to do their lessons.  The older kids checked what the younger ones were doing, and by bed time everyone was done. 

The next morning, the kids went on hunting parties of two or three.  'Philip' told them not to worry about the satellite hook ups, computers and Wi-Fi.  He had scheduled an installation crew there this morning and was paying them double time, since it was Saturday and a rush job.  On the second floor, Monty and Patty found some rooms that had couches stored in them and found they were fairly comfortable, even when lying on them...  Todd and Adam found a store room on the third floor that had folding tables and chairs stored in it.  The boys noted that these looked even older than the ones at church.  Moe, David and Tym located some easy chairs in the room next to where Monty and Patty were enjoying a cuddle on a couch.

At ten o'clock, the installation crews arrived and they found the wiring very easy since there were 'race-ways' in the floor molding for wiring, and they had the entire third floor setup completely, by noon.  'Philip' printed each man a check, paying them for a full eight hour day at double time.  Ed tried to protest, but 'Philip reminded him that he also wrote Ed's and Alice's checks.  'Philip' was not at all above threats and bribery if it got the job done the way he wanted.  The work crews were so delighted that they helped the kids get all the furniture moved to the third floor and arranged in the rooms.  'Philip' made a note to himself to get service on the old Otis Elevator in that wing.  Things were a little slow and noisy after thirty years of non use.

After lunch, the computer technicians arrived and installed two state of the art desktop computers in each common room.  The security company installed cameras, motion detectors and some interesting little black boxes that would cover the entire third floor.  They also installed the black boxes on the ground floor of the main wing.

At dinner that night, Ed announced that everyone should be arriving sometime Sunday.  The Gregorys would be transported to The Phoenix House, but all the boys were coming here, even Danny and Donny.  There would be a helicopter arriving in the morning with Daddy Doc, Mitch, Travis, and their new brother, then the bus and van should arrive sometime between lunch and dinner.

Needless to say, everyone was excited and plans were made for celebrating New Years with a huge party for ALL the boys.  Alice tried to caution them that the boys might be too tired to party late into the night.  She was greeted by a room full of disbelieving eyes.  Todd finally said, "Mom, these are boys like us, not old folks, like you adults."

Alice would have responded, except Ed went into a fit of laughter and kind of spoiled her indignant act.  Instead she did the grandma act, "Come on dear, if you're finished gumming your food, let's go nap."

Ed waggled his eyebrows and got a good laugh from the kids as everyone broke up and left the dining room.  Monty and Patty went into the kitchen to talk to Mrs. Johnson.

Patty said, "Mrs. Johnson, everybody will be arriving on Sunday and we want to have a really great New Years eve party Sunday night, to celebrate them coming home and the new year.  Could we get pizzas and snacks for like nine o'clock and sodas and maybe some of that grape juice that, like, bubbles?"

"That sounds like a pretty big order.  If I get some help, though, I think we can do it.  Monday morning, I'll need a work crew to help put together the pizzas and snacks.  I'll order the sodas and sparkling grape juice and see if Samuel can pick it up on his way home from the Harris's."

Monty said, "Oh jeez, we got to invite Stephen and Ben and Nathan too."

"Yeah, let's go figure out some decorations for the Ballroom." Patty said, as she and Monty left.

'Ballroom?  Wait you two!  What are you going to do to my Ballroom!'

"C'mon 'Philip', you can help" Monty replied.

'No shoes on my floor, just socks, CLEAN socks.  Wait, slow down, have you thought this through?'

"Nope," Patty laughed, as she and Monty raced down the hall towards the Ballroom.

*  The Harris construction site, mid morning  *

Dang Yoo pulled his beautiful shiny 1968 Buick Le Saber to a stop next to Samuel's stretch cab pickup truck.  He zipped up his coat and walked to where he saw Samuel talking to a couple of men.  It was amazing, the foundation was dug and the concrete poured, and should be set by tomorrow. 

"Dang, good to see you," Samuel grinned as he greeted the architect who designed the project (with "a little" help from 'Philip').

"Things are quite a bit further along than I expected.   Looks like the pool is almost dug and you will be able to start framing. You guys are amazing!"  Dang was very impressed at how well organized Samuel was.

"Actually, we were just talking about that.  We had originally thought to start the framing on Tuesday, after the holiday, but we are ahead of schedule and if we start this afternoon and work through Saturday we will be in a good place to stop for the holiday, but it means one day at time and a half." Samuel explained.

"Double check with that bossy computer, but I think that is the thing to do.  Now if you have a moment, I need a word with you." Dang stated.

 Samuel nodded to the two men and then walked off with the architect.  "So what is on your mind?"

"I was concerned that this was going to drag out and delay starting the school project.  We have been working out all the details and are ready to have them approved by the County.  Once that is done, we should be ready to build in less than a month.  We'll just need to order the materials." Dang explained. 

"Okay, I've got a couple of hours free, let's go look at the site.  Did you bring the plans?" Samuel and Dang walked over to Dang's car.  "You ever want to sell this, let me know."

Dang grinned as they got in the car and drove off.  Samuel unrolled the plans and looked them over.  When the car stopped, he looked up.  "You're kidding, right?"

"No, this is the site.  Mr. Richards donated the land, eighty acres.  There will be a wonderful track, football stadium, driving range for golf, indoor pool, well you saw the plans." Dang's grin was ear to ear.

"Oh, man, he sure does know how to stir up trouble." Samuel began laughing.

"I respect a man who faces down the bullies.  I hope there is trouble getting the plans approved.  The resulting storm will be so much fun to watch."

"You're expecting trouble?" Samuel asked.

"Certainly.  The principal's brother is the head of County Building Inspectors and he must approve the plans.  We have been very careful to be sure every specification exceeds code.  We also do not use any subcontractors that have any tie to the Sookers.  We did not have things bid, we picked the highest quality regardless of cost.  Yes there is no graft involved, this is a private school, and things do not require bidding.  We will have many problems.  We are also submitting copies of these plans to the State and Federal governments."

Samuel was laughing hysterically, "Is the School big enough?  I think every kid in the county will want to attend."

"That is the plan, yes."  Dang joined Samuel in the laughter.

*  The Office of Merry Pason Attorney at Law  *

"What do you mean you can't get pictures?" attorney Merry Pason yelled at the photographer in her office.

"They just ain't there, lady.  I can't take no pictures of kids that ain't there.   Now you owe me for three days, I ought to charge you double for having to deal with that creep in the woods."  The photographer said.

"You haven't even taken one damn picture that is any help at all!"

"That ain't my problem.  I did exactly what you asked me to do, and now it's time for you to pay up.  I got a Bar Mitzvah, a wedding and a New Year's Celebration waiting for me, so pay up, NOW!"  The New York photographer was taking no guff from this shyster and she knew she had to pay.  It just really rubbed her wrong to have to pay for nothing, like her unlisted home phone number. She had had to have it changed six times before the crank calls at three am finally ended, making the three dollars extra each month seem worth it.   The only consolation was that it wasn't her money. Too bad she didn't know a PI named Drake, and certainly wasn't sleeping with him, although...

Merry sat back after the smiling photographer left with the check in his hand, and began outlining her evidence.  She had the newspaper articles about the incident,   she also had the transcripts of the earlier Grand Jury and trial.  Not much there, but to an unknowing judge and jury, enough to cloud the issue, or so she hoped.  The albino boy was easy, it was the other one that worried her.  He had really set the court on its ear in the last trial.  She was going to have to trick him into saying something to make it seem he was gay.  Usually it was easy to tear kids apart on the stand, but she was worried about this “Neal”.  He had been through some tough times and he was a survivor, and worse, he was a fighter and a protector.  She was going to have to rattle him about the gay thing.  All she had to do was convince the jury he was gay, then the charges fell apart.

About thirty minutes later, Walter Fastaff entered her office, right on time.  "So, Merry, did you get any good pictures?"

"No, Richards has put the little bastards in hiding again.  I'm going to subpoena at least the two in question as soon as they show up," she said.

"Why not drag the whole lot of them in.  That should teach that arrogant son of a bitch a lesson.  He can't screw with the Fastaffs." Walter was forgetting about his cousin in state prison.  The ex-sheriff was being screwed with, several times a day, by any inmate that wanted a chance to mount a County Mountie.  The ones who enjoyed him the most were the ones that had been put there by himself.  His roomy, Bubba, also made sure he was kept clean and dry, minimal lube, only enough for the customer's pleasure.  At ten dollars a BJ and twenty for a ride, Bubba was clearing a couple hundred a day, even on slow days.

"All of them?  Oh that would be priceless, what's he got, seven or eight brats now?  It should be fun to watch him as I break each one of them.  I'll subpoena all minors living there.  He won't be able to wiggle out of that."  Merry was very pleased with herself.  Tuesday was going to be a fine day.

That afternoon, she was on the phone with the judge, "Yes your honor, he has taken all the witnesses and we do not know where."

"Yes, Your Honor, that's right all minors presently residing at Haven Manor."

"Yes, I HAVE thought this through and I want them ALL there."

"No sir, we do not need a closed court."

"But, Your Honor, can we at least have the press there?"

"The defendants have no objection, and they are not minors."

"Very well, Judge Clements."

She hung up the phone.  Well, just the local paper allowed in the court while the kids were testifying.  Seemed a waste of a courtroom that would seat sixty or more.

*  At the other end of the phone conversation  *

The gray haired judge turned the speaker phone off.  He and the other man in his hotel room burst out laughing hysterically.  "Uncle Fred2, she doesn't have a clue.  Oh My God, That room will be filled to the brim with just the boys alone. That doesn't even count the adults, lawyers and other possible witnesses; I believe Shorty said there were forty some boys, coming back."

"So there will be close to sixty kids in there?  I believe that this is the first time I will really enjoy a juvenile court." Judge Clements said to his old law partner's son. (There were three partners in Clemons, Clements and Clemets and they all went by the name of Fred, so that is why the Uncle Fred2 above.)
"Are you sure you want to allow this, Freddie?"

"I was hoping she would do something like this.  She is going to try and prove the boys are gay, so therefore, truth is the perfect defense for slander."  Fred grinned, we will concede the point, but he called them liars.  Neal is a very serious Boy Scout, and she better be able to prove he lied about the incident in question.  We can produce two eyewitnesses that will testify that he only told the absolute truth."

"You have shared these witnesses with her?"

"They are on the list." They both laughed.  "Would you join us at Haven for New Years Eve?"

"I wish I could, but it could seem like conflict of interest."

"Very well, Your Honor, Here is my subpoena list  You can have Sheriff Henry serve those any time, everyone is expecting it."

"Well Freddie, Tuesday should be very interesting."

Fred chuckled all the way home.  Interesting wasn't the half of it...


Author's Notes:
Well it seems that things are moving right along even with Tom and Neal gone.  I wonder what in the world all these new boys are going to be like.  I almost feel sorry for Ms. Pason, almost but not quite.  I really don't want to be in her shoes {Oh, stop it you two, it's a figure of speech, Jeez © .} when she calls Neal a liar.
I sure hope Patty can understand what Monty is trying to do.  I think he really does love her and will help her get her self esteem back.  
What has 'Philip' got up his sleeve with those black boxes?  I'm sure whatever it is it will prove useful, I hope, maybe.  Speaking of 'Philip' what are Patty and Monty going to do to his Ballroom.  Sixty some kids in socks sliding all over the place.  Who's got the video?
Well everyone will be home soon, so let me know what you think.


Editor's Notes:

Well, I have no idea how I can top the comments that Str8mayb put in here.

I, for one would get quite a 'kick' out of seeing Str8mayb in Ms. Pason's shoes; I think she usually wears six inch stiletto heels. She looks so professional in that pink Oxford shirt of hers.

It really looks like Monty and Patty are going to move their relationship farther toward the love they have for each other. I can only imagine what will happen on their thirteenth anniversary. It boggles the mind. I hope they will have plenty of lube. Maybe they will still have some left.

I am sure that the trial is really going to be a trial for Ms. Pason and her clients.

I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

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